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Tech Quiz 0.1

November 26, 2010 Leave a comment

1) What was added to the Morse code on 24th May 2004, its 160th Anniversary?

2)What was the name that Apple wanted to use for its Internet Kiosks?

3)Which symbol is composed of 3 arrows, forms the ‘Mobius strip’ and can’t be trademarked?

4)”Pay per call” plan was introduced in India by which company?

5)Moon base alpha is a game from?

6)What do we call Microsoft Window + Intel CPU?

7)The film ‘Takedown’ is a fictionalised account of which legendary hacker’s capture by the FBI?

8)Mozilla’s mobile equivalent of Firefox is called…?

9)Which famous brand has launched ‘’, a site that contains no nudity but plenty of sex talk and jokes?

10)Usually, large corporations keep acquiring whatever company that they think is a competition to their business. They keep eating whatever comes in their way. What term coined by Namco Inc., is used to describe this strategy?


The Aspect Ratio Problem

November 18, 2010 Leave a comment

Recently I ripped off some of my old movies in CDs like Superman (bought them in 2001). The aspect ratio was 4:3 (as you all know about it, if not refer here). It looks somewhat like this.

Silver Surfer, remember?

I don't own this image, its just a random searched image from Google.

It only comes like this if you have a monitor of 16:9 aspect ratio (widescreen).

I noticed some gaps on the left and right side of the video. Usual! I searched on google and found out nothing concrete. Once upon a day, making a mistake while watching the video (similar to the Chemical X accident that created Powerpuff Girls),I got my answers. There was lighting in the sky, the comets were seen, s**i**r was seen giving births to babies on the street, the watchman was jumping high, Undertaker had risen from grave, ghost of Hitler was seen wandering. (Tweaked references from Julius Caesar)

I had the solution similar to as the answer of life, universe and everything ( and this wasn’t 42).

Nuff said, back to business.

It was simple, almost everyone has k’lite installed (download here) which has a bad habit of associating everything it has with Media Player Classic, unless you don’t change the options.

For this, you must have K-lite installed, open your media player classic.

Step 1 – Run the video slash episode slash movies (or EVM) and pause it. Right Click, Video Frame>Override Aspect Ratio>16:9 . Also make sure the option of  ‘touch video from outside’ is checked in Video Frame.

Step 2 – Watch.

Media Player Classic

This is also possible in VLC Media Player, Right click, Video>Aspect Ratio>16:9 or 16:10.

VLC Media Player

Feel free to comment and ask anything.

Free Qwiki Invites

November 17, 2010 8 comments

Read about Qwiki here.

I won’t be wasting my time typing about it.

I have a Qwiki account and am willing to give free Qwiki invites to anyone who wants it. The task is simple, just write your e-mail id as a comment and I’ll send the invite in a maximum of 2 days.


View MKV thumbnails in Windows 7

November 16, 2010 Leave a comment

Woke up in the morning, brushed up, tied my laces, gelled my hair, opened my computer, made a blog and started this post.

Have a lot of movies, episodes or videos? If they are avi you would should be getting a thumbnail view like this. (if not change the view from ‘small icons’ to ‘large/extra large icons’ and don’t ask me how).

This thumbnail view in Windows 7 and Vista makes quite definitely certainly one of good things about it. What if you have a hell lot of mkv files (blu-ray prints) and the thumbnail doesn’t come up. I really felt that  f***ing annoying. I wasted almost an hour searching for the possible ways to view these thumbnails.

EASY METHOD (for the lazy ones like me)

Just click on this and download it here. Install it as usual.


Download Shark007 codecs from here. That’s it.

The former is easier than the latter due to differences in file size.

Feel free to comment and ask anything. I got an A2 in English, don’t go on my grammar.