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The Aspect Ratio Problem

Recently I ripped off some of my old movies in CDs like Superman (bought them in 2001). The aspect ratio was 4:3 (as you all know about it, if not refer here). It looks somewhat like this.

Silver Surfer, remember?

I don't own this image, its just a random searched image from Google.

It only comes like this if you have a monitor of 16:9 aspect ratio (widescreen).

I noticed some gaps on the left and right side of the video. Usual! I searched on google and found out nothing concrete. Once upon a day, making a mistake while watching the video (similar to the Chemical X accident that created Powerpuff Girls),I got my answers. There was lighting in the sky, the comets were seen, s**i**r was seen giving births to babies on the street, the watchman was jumping high, Undertaker had risen from grave, ghost of Hitler was seen wandering. (Tweaked references from Julius Caesar)

I had the solution similar to as the answer of life, universe and everything ( and this wasn’t 42).

Nuff said, back to business.

It was simple, almost everyone has k’lite installed (download here) which has a bad habit of associating everything it has with Media Player Classic, unless you don’t change the options.

For this, you must have K-lite installed, open your media player classic.

Step 1 – Run the video slash episode slash movies (or EVM) and pause it. Right Click, Video Frame>Override Aspect Ratio>16:9 . Also make sure the option of  ‘touch video from outside’ is checked in Video Frame.

Step 2 – Watch.

Media Player Classic

This is also possible in VLC Media Player, Right click, Video>Aspect Ratio>16:9 or 16:10.

VLC Media Player

Feel free to comment and ask anything.

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