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Tech Quiz 0.1

1) What was added to the Morse code on 24th May 2004, its 160th Anniversary?

2)What was the name that Apple wanted to use for its Internet Kiosks?

3)Which symbol is composed of 3 arrows, forms the ‘Mobius strip’ and can’t be trademarked?

4)”Pay per call” plan was introduced in India by which company?

5)Moon base alpha is a game from?

6)What do we call Microsoft Window + Intel CPU?

7)The film ‘Takedown’ is a fictionalised account of which legendary hacker’s capture by the FBI?

8)Mozilla’s mobile equivalent of Firefox is called…?

9)Which famous brand has launched ‘TheSmokingJacket.com’, a site that contains no nudity but plenty of sex talk and jokes?

10)Usually, large corporations keep acquiring whatever company that they think is a competition to their business. They keep eating whatever comes in their way. What term coined by Namco Inc., is used to describe this strategy?

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